Good Friday, 30th March

For hundreds of years, Jesus’ Great Commission has inspired walks and marches of witness to take place. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We are simply putting a few of these wheels together with the engine of the Holy Spirit between them in the belief that we can impact society in a powerful way.

Right across the denominations Good Friday gives a unique opportunity to present a united Christian Witness. Instead of highlighting our differences, it illuminates our common faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ through the Cross. Good Friday says that the Christ that seeks to dwell in each of us is one and the same and available to all.

Walks or marches of witness take the Christian message where it belongs; out on the streets and into our town centres, where the people are. Walks provide a unique opportunity for all Christian to witness, especially for those who find it difficult to share their faith in a more personal, individual or vocal manner.

The organisations and actual undertaking of a walk that includes different denominations encourages churches to work together and build inter-church relationships. These relationships can prosper and flourish and provide a united Christian message, which is imperative in these uncertain times when the Cross, Jesus, and the Church no longer influence the lives the majority.

Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses.” When the people of our towns and villages see Christians across the denominations working and witnessing together, then they are more likely be convinced that there is a living reality in the faith we profess.

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